Honeymac Security Inc.


Honeymac Security Inc.,  installs security alarm systems. A security alarm system uses a combination of door and window sensors, glass breakage sensors, and interior motion sensors to detect unauthorized entry. With a built-in digital communicator, alarms can be immediately reported to a "Central Monitoring Station" which is staffed 24 hours a day, ready to report a burglary, fire or panic condition to the proper authorities.


Honeymac Security, Inc., provides  security alarm monitoring services to customers through a central monitoring service. When a security alarm is activated on the premises, a signal is sent through the phone lines to the monitoring central service station. The type of signal that is received at the central station determines the type of action that is taken. If the alarm is simply in trouble condition, building personnel are notified. However, if an alarm signal is received, the central station will immediately dispatch appropriate aid to the situation and notify designated personnel.